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IRHC Standards

Remote Healthcare Standards

The Institute of Remote Health Care (IRHC) has recognised the continual growth of clinical work in remote and extremely remote environments and has engaged stakeholders across the various clinical professions (doctors, nurses, medics and paramedical personnel).

The key issues identified were:

  • What are the health challenges of working in remote locations, and what are the common ways of overcoming these challenges?
  • What are the competency requirements for Health Professionals working at these remote locations?
  • What are the communication technologies, tele-health and telemedicine capabilities required to deliver health in these settings?
  • What medical equipment and medical supplies are required to support health delivery in these locations?
  • What preventive controls and planning considerations are needed to optimize health and minimise injuries and illnesses in these locations?

A Delphi Study “Developing Consensus on Remote Healthcare Practitioners’ Competency for Oil and Gas Operations” was completed by Professor Susan Klein in 2014 followed by a further workshop at the IRHC Conference “Delivering Competent Healthcare in Remote and Rural Environments “held at Olympia London 7th-8th October 2014, the IRHC published “Competency and Training for Health Practitioners working in Remote Oil and Gas Operations”

Further IRHC workshops were facilitated by Drs Richard Hooper and Jayson Eversgerd at the “Remote Healthcare Conference “held 16th -17th February 2016 in Abu Dhabi to further develop the competency and training document to reflect a more global approach and extend the target audience to all remote healthcare practitioners. In total, over 200 professionals from around the world involved in remote healthcare have contributed to this document.

The current version of the IRHC Consensus document “Competency & Framework for Remote Healthcare Practitioners” provides clear and concise guidance, in modular format, of the educational requirements to produce a professional and competent remote healthcare practitioner. The evolution of this document has now reached a stage that it is ready for curricular development by the various capable training organisations around the globe. It is also suggested and in current development that a series of IRHC CPD courses would be ideal to allow the material to be covered in appropriate bites.