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IRHC Advisory Council
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IRHC Advisory Council.


Over the years the Institute of Remote Healthcare (“IRHC”) has become well known and a respected participant in the discussions around progress in this emerging speciality of medicine.  Although consideration has been given to merging the IRHC into one of the Royal Colleges it has been determined that the IRHC can best serve its members by remaining independent and to continue to build on its past successes by working proactively and quickly.

Supporting healthcare professionals working in remote areas is challenging but incredibly important. The need for such support is well recognised. For instance, recently a consensus of the educational requirements for the establishment of remote healthcare practitioners for the oil and gas industry, backed by careful research, has been agreed and published but it only scratches the surface of what is needed in the international area of healthcare provision. Much more discussion and international research is needed before international standards of healthcare for those who live and work in remote places can be achieved and implemented. 

Although small, the IRHC has a key influential role in the global remote healthcare space. As an independent organisation with a virtual structure it is nimble, innovative, economically efficient and expeditious in decision making and representative of its growing worldwide membership. It is recognised however that for the IRHC to best represent its diverse group of members, structures should be put in place to ensure that all members, both individual and corporate, have an opportunity to be involved in key decisions and to be represented.  It is proposed that this is done through the creation of a new advisory council, reporting into the Board of Directors of the IRHC.  The purpose of the advisory council is to obtain and represent members’ views to the Board of Directors and to provide advice to the Board of Directors on certain key matters.

It is proposed that members of the advisory council are recruited from the IRHC membership by invitation and or by application. Further details are set out below.

It is expected that advisory council members will be able and willing to make a main significant contribution to one or several areas of expertise, such as education, CPD, research, business development, communication technology, international development etc. Applications for membership of the advisory council are therefore respectfully invited with a statement of which area you would like to contribute to.  Members of the initial advisory council will be announced shortly and the governance of it will be discussed and agreed thereafter by the council itself with in the outline terms of reference set out below.    

IRHC Advisory Council – Outline Terms of Reference

The IRHC is a Company Limited by Guarantee and currently has three Directors who have responsibility for the management of the company.  The current three Directors have been involved with the IRHC since it was founded in 2007 and Professor Nelson Norman and Alan Kennedy Bolam are the founder members. 

The IRHC is a membership organisation and the Board of Directors wish to involve members both individual and corporate to continue to develop the IRHC as an independent organisation. This will enable IRHC to continue with its wider activities, to make rapid decisions in the interests of its members and to develop and maintain international communication by hosting international conferences and seminars, and via its web-site and bi-annual journal.   IRHC continues to support the development of faculties of remote healthcare and will continue to promote this and to work with colleges and universities worldwide to establish a new remote healthcare practitioner™ clinical speciality.

To support the Directors, it is proposed to put in place an IRHC Advisory Council which will be made up of members of the IRHC.  This advisory group will support the IRHC Board of Directors to:

·        Set strategic direction, define annual and longer term objectives and agree plans to achieve them;

·        Ensure that plans are responsive to stakeholder needs;

·        Oversee the delivery of plans by monitoring performance against objectives;

·        Ensure effective financial stewardship;

·        Ensure high standards of governance and conduct

The decision making process and authority to represent the IRHC will remain with the Board of Directors who will attend IRHC Advisory Council Meetings.

Membership of the Advisory Council

All members of the IRHC are entitled to apply (or in the case of corporate members invited to nominate an individual) to serve as a member of the Advisory Council.

Applications and invitations for membership of the Advisory Council will be considered based on the member’s experience of working remotely and the contributions that the Board of Directors consider the members can make.

Membership is only open to fully paid members of the IRHC

Roles of Members

·        To attend meetings as required and actively participate in the work of the Advisory Council

·        To represent the interests of all members of the IRHC;

·        To be an advocate for the IRHC

·        Provide advice to the Board of Directors regarding the strategic direction of the IRHC.


The IRHC Advisory Council will report to the IRHC Board of Directors. The Advisory Council and its individual members do   not have authority to make decisions on behalf of the IRHC unless the Board of Directors expressly give such authority.

The IRHC Advisory Council will share details of its meetings with the IRHC membership as a whole through the publication of minutes of meetings on the IRHC website. 

The IRHC Advisory Council will seek the views of IRHC members and take these into account in any advice it provides to the IRHC Board of Directors.

Minutes of the meetings will be discussed at IRHC Board Meetings. The effectiveness and terms of reference of the Advisory Council will be assessed by the Board no less than annually in conjunction with the Chairperson of the Advisory Council. It is proposed that the first assessment takes place within 6 months of the creation of the Advisory Council.


Meetings will be held every three months via teleconferencing. 

Meetings will be organised by administration at the IRHC and a chairperson will be elected by the Advisory Council from their members.

Calls for agenda items will be circulated 2 weeks prior to the meetings and papers circulated one week before.  Agenda items will be set by the Chairman of the Council in discussion with Board members.  Items considered to be a conflict of interest must be declared at the start of the meeting.

Members of the Advisory Council will be encouraged to develop networks to canvass the views of the wider membership in their areas and this will be fed back to the advisory council

Individual non- members may be invited to attend meetings when their particular expertise would be advantageous.

Advisory Council Members 

Dr Mohammad Sadiq                       Institute of Public Health UAE University

Dr Peter Mangles                             Director Paramedical Service NSW Australia

Dr Jayson Eversgerd                       Remote Medical Services Corporate USA

Mrs Vanessa Smith                          Medical Lecturer UAE

Mr Ged Healey                               Executive Director of Training, Development and Medical Supplies Iqarus

Mr Dai Jones                                    Executive Director of Remote Healthcare Iqarus

Dr Saleh A.H Al Messabi                 Senior Advisor to ADNOC UAE

Professor Sergey Antipov                Centre of Corporate Medicine Siberia

Tim Cranton                                      SRPara  Owner / Training Director Paramed CZ

Mr Jerry Overton                               Priority Medical Dispatch

Dr Milton Chen                                 VSee

Professor Nelson Norman               IRHC Director

Mr Alan Kennedy Bolam                  IRHC Director

Kathy Kennedy Bolam                     IRHC Director