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The IRHC Journal is published twice a year and is a means of sharing information and good practice among those who live and work in remote environments.

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Why Join the IRHC?

The IRHC is a membership organisation which recognises gaps and clear opportunities for improvement in the delivery of professional remote health care .  The IRHC exists to close gaps, identify opportunities and provide the support and direction to realise improvements for it's members.

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IRHC Competence & Training for Health Practitioners

It is a central aim of the IRHC to promote standards in remote health care and to provide a professional home to meet the needs of Remote HealthCare Practitioners. The Competency and Framework Document  was developed with the direct involvement of clinicians working in remote healthcare environments and aims to to inform practitioners, providers, and other interested parties of the opinion of the IRHC concerning evolving areas of clinical practice and/or technologies that are widely available or new to the practice community. 

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IRHC Jobs Board provides an opportunity for employers to advertise posts and for remote health care practitioners to search for jobs and upload their CV so prospective employers can see who is available and the skills they have

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About Us

The Institute of Remote Health Care is an independent academic organisation devoted to the improvement of healthcare for those who live and work in remote and isolated places.

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The IRHC voluntary register exists to promote professional standards among offshore medics and other remote health care practitioners.

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