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Corporate member Benefits
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Corporate Membership Benefits

As a Corporate Member your organisation will have the opportunity to:


Profile your organisation free of charge on the IRHC website. Corporate members receive up to ten website pages for promotion of their corporate membership .The entries will include company logo, a company profile of activities and a URL link to the corporate member’s own website.

Include details of the corporate organisation’s products and services on the IRHC website free of charge.

Advertise the corporate member’s organisation at preferential rates: 50% discount when advertising within IRHC publications.

Submit articles on relevant topics for consideration by the editors of the IRHC electronic and hardcopy journal circulated to all corporate and individual members worldwide. Click here for a preview of IRHC latest Journal Edition.

Receive a company membership certificate and include the IRHC Company Member logo on the corporate member’s promotional literature or stationery.

Obtain free individual IRHC annual memberships as part of the corporate package worth £ 250


Corporate member contribution to the "Remote HealthCare” industry and community.

IRHC Corporate Members may put forward speakers for branch and national events. The IRHC offer a range of conferences, seminars, workshops, tele-education "webinars”, dinners, lunches and other events dealing with all sectors of the remote healthcare industry, and corporate members are ideally placed to identify topical issues and provide a forum for debate led by experts from industry and medicine.

Corporate members are able to nominate candidates to sit on one of the IRHC’s special projects committee. Committees cover registration, membership, academic research, education and training, governance, and conference organisation.

Corporate members are able to participate in clinical workshops, as speakers and delegates and participate in industry consultations providing technical clinical advice to policy making bodies.

Corporate members are able to nominate representatives to become part of the industry-wide advisory panels that determine the focus and content of IRHC events.

Corporate members are able to benefit from close links with affiliated Universities and Royal Colleges, and work jointly with them on project development. This benefit would be of particular interest to companies who would like project work to be carried out in a certain area of the industry but who do not have the resources or the time to carry out the projects on their own. The IRHC can assist its corporate members in forming links with universities whose students may carry out the work as part of their degree course.

Corporate Membership Network Opportunities

Take advantage of free or discounted passes to events organised by the IRHC and its partners.

Expand their networks through involvement with the local branches operating both in the UK and abroad, including the Middle East.

Enjoy exclusive access to the Members-only sections on the IRHC website, including news databases and the e-versions of IRHC newsletter and journal.


Expand your networks through involvement with the local branches operating both in the UK and abroad.

Enjoy exclusive access to the Members-only sections on the IRHC website, including news databases and the e-versions of IRHC Journal.

The ability for corporate members to recruit, train and develop their staff.

Publicise the corporate members current vacancies at 50% discount on the IRHC website and 15% discount in the IRHC Journal.

Recruit tomorrow’s "remote healthcare” practitioners directly through student and graduate networks

Take advantage of expert support and advice on training and developing staff, including specific advice on gaining professional recognition.

Obtain discounts when booking places on the IRHC approved training courses.

Ask our clinical experts to develop and build workshops which are tailor-made to the corporate member’s business needs and objectives.

Obtain IRHC TrAC™ approval and certification for the corporate member’s organisation’s training and work-based learning schemes at all levels. (Note: this level of corporate membership package does not imply approval, accreditation, or endorsement of member’s education and or training courses. IRHC approval for member’s courses is a separate level of membership which requires a process of audit, verification and compliance with IRHC education and training course approval). Only IRHC Corporate members are eligible for TrAC™ approval .See TrAC application form.

Empower your workforce by utilising the IRHC’s professional development system. The system may offer the facility to plan, record and monitor both continuing clinical professional development (CCPD) – towards professional membership and registration – and continuing professional development (CPD). The CCPD service offers the option of using a mentor to assist in staff development. The service may provide all the standards and competences needed to work towards the 3 grades of IRHC membership status.

Take advantage of membership workshops geared to particular groups of staff and enjoy preferential bulk discounts when the corporate member’s staffs join the IRHC as individual members. (Subject to a minimum number of applicants and method of subscription payment).

Corporate Membership Subscription Rates

Price on application

Click here to download the application form.